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Quick Templating System for HTML Page Mock-ups (Mac OS X specific)

For the project I am currently working on at my job I needed to make some HTML page mock-ups. The HTML and CSS were already available within the current version of the website, I just needed to re­struc­ture the content a bit and make a few mock-ups of it to see what sort of issues we'd run into.

Initially I just copied the HTML and replaced the old content with the new content. Then I made another copy and replaced it with different content. I then realised what I needed was a tempting system. If I was going to make 10 continue.

TinyMCE in one of multiple Textarea fields in Admin

When I was working with Django the other day I had a model which contained 3 textareas (models.TextField()). I only wanted 2 of the 3 to use TinyMCE for mark-up in the Admin. I worked out how to achieve this and here’s a quick guide.

  1. Install TinyMCE as explained in an earlier post.

  2. Make sure the tiny_mce folder, the one you downloaded from, is also in your site-media javascript folder (/[site­me­di­a]/js/tiny_mce/) or change TINYM­CE_JS_URL in your to the correct folder.

  3. In your define what you want the default tinymce to look like, for example:


TinyMCE in Django

A while ago when I was working with Django I had a really hard time trying to figure out how to get TinyMCE to work in Django. Now it isn't difficult, you just have to know how to do it. So I've written a quick guide on how to make it all work.

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